‘Feed My Soul (Jesswah Remix)’ is here!


During the ‘Impolite’ sessions at Tanuki Lounge last year, Bearfoot sneakily laid down some tracks from one of their oldest tracks, ‘Feed My Soul’.  While the focus at the time was to get ‘Impolite’ sounding amazing (success!), they still had those bare tracks in the back of their mind. But what to do with them?
Give them to Jesswah, responsible for their Babylon Remix, as well as having remixed Dubmarine and Kingfisha, and let him got to town on it.
The result? ‘Feed My Soul (Jesswah Remix)’ is Bearfoot at their dubbiest, then given a massive, fat, hip hop twist.
‘Feed My Soul (Jesswah Remix)’ has been released to celebrate a year since their first single was launched, and also, as a thank you to all those that have supported Bearfoot in the last year.  You can download the track via Triple J Unearthed, or from their Soundcloud page.

‘Impolite’ is here!


Produced and mastered by Paul Bromley at Tanuki Lounge in West End, the new track (and crowd favourite) is a big, bad, butt-shaking single.

Get it from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, CD Baby and more… plus streaming on Spotify & Pandora.

Or be a cheapskate and head to Triple J Unearthed (as long as you rate/review it for us).

‘Babylon’ is here!


Purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and available for streaming on Spotify, Pandora, Triple J Unearthed and more.

We’ve also had ‘Babylon’ remixed by Jesswah (who has remixed Dubmarine, Kingfisha and more). This one’s our gift to you. It’s up on Triple J Unearthed right now (we do ask that you give it a rate/review though… that would be most awesome of you).

Look, ma! We’re on Youtube too.


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